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Regular Methods of Failure Elimination for GPS   
Regular Methods of Failure Elimination for GPS

1, No Bootable
This problem occurs generally due to user’s misoperation,and the system is unable to work for the time being, just neet toothpicks totouch the panel reset button (RET), and restart.

2, Screen Display “Vigilant Driving”Words after Bootable
This is the international hand brake test function, whichis used to remind the user to concentrate on driving while on the move. Thisfunction test wire is connected to the handbrake wire, therefor, the words willdisappear as long as pulling up the handbrake. If there is no need to have thefunction for the user, just to switch off the hand brake test function in thesetting options detection functions. Might as well resolving by connecting thehandbrake wire to ground wire directly.

3, Cannot Find Navigation Softwareafter Entering Navigation
Make sure the navigation configure paths is okay, perhapsre-set the navigation software path. To open the SD folder, choosingNAVIONE.EXE file in NAVIONE folder.

4, Navigation Cannot Receive SatelliteSignals
When the location satellite navigation map shows is“current” in the navigation mode, and if the dot is red on the top right cornerof the display screen, it simply means that the satellite signal is weak. Youshould double-check whether the navigation antenna is connected, verify itslocation is correct. Car navigation should be in the open air, open space, andantenna should balance with the ground, and directly facing to sky in order toreceive signals.

5, Have a Noise in the NavigationState
It is usually caused by the engine interference from thenavigation power, the solution is to cascade the power line filter bewteen onthe yellow line in the navigation end outlet cable, which can reduce theformation of the engine interference.

6, There Are Throttle Noise WhenStarting Car
The solution is to install inductor or filter (power) onthe host power line BATT, or connect the host chassis to ground. If pillowscreen installing may also result in signal interference, on this occasion, youcan turn-off the signal ground of the pillow screen to eliminate theinterference.

7, The Display will Flash When Braking
That’s because the tail light socket is in the water orpoor contact lead to form the string of electricity on the reversing lights.

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