Monday, August 19, 2019
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Garmin 60CSx or DeLorme PN 20   
I am at the point where I need to decide which is better out of two listed above. Garmin is known to be good service provider with good signal, DeLorme is advanced technology company and price is better for me... Does any one have any experiences with one of them Garmin 60CSx or PN20?

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12:30:36 AM
Garmin 60CSx and Delorme
The 60CSx is very good GPS, and I like Delorme Topo beter than Garmin Topo. Delorme Topo v5.0 is only partially compatible with the 60CSx. You can get a GPS signal and see the satelites and navigate with directions.

To make the Garmin work I had to use Garmin NMEA(w/Wpt) with 4800,8,N,1 (COM1) and 20 Waypoints per... You need to use the serial cable (The USB) does not seem to work. Garmin topo is nice because the maps run from file. Delorme has better looking mapse but is designed to run from DVD which is a pain. I was able to use powerISO to run from file. I will transfer the DVD to a 4G flash drive and this mape it as a drive for my laptop with limited drive space. I have not tested this yet. The USB drive my be sluggish. I have not tested this yet, but running from HDD is great. Best performance ever. If you have money to burn, just get two GPS units. The Garmin is great, but you might want the Earthmate with USB if you want to be more compatible with Delormes better software.
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