Friday, December 1, 2023
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Garmin Streetpilot c550, Car adapter   
I was using my GPS unit and it shut off in my car, and wouldn't turn back on. I looked adapter at the car unit and there wasn't any lights showing, usually which are there. Is there a way to test to know if there's something wrong with the car adapter? I know there shouldn't be anything wrong with the GPS itself since I just recently purchased it.

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12:55:05 AM

Try a 12 Voltage Test light
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12:56:17 AM

thx for the reply. i tried 12 Voltage Test light but still its not working.
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12:56:59 AM

I think that the fuse to the outlet in the car may have blown and the outlet itself may be dead. Just try plugging to something else, either i-pod or cell phone,if they don't get power than change the fuse.
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