Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Williamson gets to the basket   
Suddenly, the New Orleans Pelicans wound up with the No. 1 choice in the 2019 NBA Draft.Duke forward Zion Williamson is expected to be the best choice, but Pelicans' Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations David Griffin was uncomfortably non-committal (if not dismissive) to the promising young star through the post-lottery interview, even though Williamson sitting only 20-40 feet away from him in the Chicago studio.In any instance, this is the first event that has the sports video game universe looking ahead of the forthcoming NBA 2K year old. What overall rating will Williamson have in his very first season in the match? We should also think of how exceptional Williamson is as an athlete, although we can use previous rookies as a piece of baseline.

It's challenging to locate a perfect contrast for him, however, his combination of size and athleticism have some considering LeBron James. I'm thinking more a blend of Blake Griffin and Larry Johnson, but let's stick with James for the sake of the undeniable similarities along with popularity. Below I have estimated what Williamson 2K ratings are going to be in his rookie season and I've listed them together with James' marks. I think this is pretty fair.This is Williamson's most obvious gift. That clarifies 99 driving dunk, his 85 standing dunk, and 75 contact dip. Some may call for him to have 99s across the board in these classes, before we proceed that far but with all due respect, he needs to shake on some NBA players.

Straightline burst and speed are more of the best characteristics of Williamson. Double teams split with jump steps and uses spin moves. 2K does not actually have an agility score per se (lateral quickness is more of a defensive attribute from the game), therefore the best way to represent this talent is to address it at the ball control and pace with the ball categories.

Williamson will not be the ball handler James is, but he's solid enough in this area to get above-average ratings.He's 275 pounds and he is chiseled from granite. I think we could all tell strength isn't an issue.Even when Williamson isn't dunking, he is a heck of a finisher at the rim. In his lone season at Duke, Williamson transformed 79 percent of the shots he took in the rim and just 11.7 percent of those shots he took out of two-point range were jumpers. Williamson gets to the basket, and it's usually a bucket if he does. James is one of the NBA's best finishers with either hand. Williamson is primarily a left-handed finisher.

Check out https://www.mmogo.com/Nba-2k20/Mt.html for more details.

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