Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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General Runescape population for a suggestion   
There are. One is to call you a meals and they'll be able to kill you before you escape. Sometimes they will try to describe such as"No Honour PKing", which is only another way to convince you to not consume, not apologize, not use a defense, not try to defend yourself in virtually any way, so they can find a free kill.

Another would be to always lobby Mod Pi to the nerfing of all the things that enable you to escape or survive, such as gorajian mushrooms, phoenix necklaces, healing portents, having the ability to use both surge and bladed dive, the Reflect capability, Achto effect etc., which Mod Pi proceeds to nerf just like he's told since he is a griefer at heart and wants that the PKing community to think he is cool.

Mod Pi himself indicated a repair on his Twitter that departing the wilderness hands your opponent an triumph, thus meaning no one can hold you to ransom and the win seller can just be killed immediately, but it had been shouted down so quickly from the PKers he had been hoping to impress, that he never took it into the general Runescape population for a suggestion).

Any PvP where you have to get a KO until they escape/teleport, so as to kill them, will of course lead to the behaviour aimed an persuasive opponents not to fight. There's no way you'll truly have a Wilderness without this toxicity, since the toxicity itself is required and a large part of the ability of getting kills (even though it doesn't have anything to do with combat capability ).

Check out https://www.rsgoldfast.com/ for more details.

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