Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Classic WoW: Things You Can Do as Alliance   
It's the very first question World of Warcraft players often ask each other,"Can you perform Horde or Alliance?" The pride of this faction is a characteristic of this game which started in Classic WoW and endears into the lastest expansions.Let's be real, though, most gamers have some experience with either side of the game. The Alliance and Horde have some unique experiences to provide, and here's a list of ten of them.

People and Dwarves, and both of them are on the Alliance side. If you're interested in Paladin lore, this is the ideal character to roll, anyway. You won't only learn about Paladins through your experience, but you'll degree in the shadow of historic figures such as Tiron Fondring and notorious villains such as Arthas Menethil.A Paladin is one of those few courses that can wield some of that game's strongest weapons, like the Corrupted Ashbringer.

A critical issue for RPers and Tolkien fans alike, there's just one elven race in Classic WoW, the Night Elves, and they're with the Alliance. There are a few High Elf NPCs in the game, including one quite infamous Horde pioneer, however they aren't a playable race.Fans of the Blizzard RTS games from the 1990s, especially Warcraft 3, have a unique love for the Night Elves, playing with them as gruesome rangers and sentinels. Blood Elves will not be accessible until the Burning Crusade expansion re-release, but BC servers could be a thing someday, too.

There's just 1 zone this under level 50, and that's the Dwarven homeland of Dun Morogh. This is a favorite zone anyhow, known one of lowbie'toons for its scenic views, Azerothian lore, and the various quests. If you'd like to quest in a winter wonderland, and you don't wish to wait for Winterspring, this is your only option.

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