Friday, September 30, 2022
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What's the grind like now?   

For some yes, you have to be specific however in the event that you need me to offer you a better answer. Where would you suggest I begin if I were to start? Well if you're starting from 0 in terms of money first you should probably ask me to get a money lend to buy some basic equipment, after which you need to start using Slayer to make bank. :P

I've heard about buying membership with ingame currency, what is this like? Is it easy to upkeep or not and what is the cost like? Usually its stable around 5.8-6M per Bond (essentially 6M per 14 days of membership), but Bonds are going up the last couple days are are now worth 7Mish. The precise reason why this is happening escapes me at the moment however, it has something to do with a few upgrade, if you ask in the talks I'm sure someone will give you a better answer. It is just temporary I believe so shouldn't be much of a problem.

What do you know- somebody whose name resembles my own! First and foremost, welcome back. What's the grind like now? It is definitely a good deal easier training your skills. Bonus experience has come to be very, very common, and matters such as Loadouts, Presets, and also the Action bar make skilling much simpler.

What has the impact of inflation already been and how hard is that the moneymaking process from scratch? The introduction of a strict tier program has really changed prices. But if you have some of these items, you are considered a noob. But this has a couple of advantages: a lot of things are dirt cheap at the moment. If you don't have chaotics (I've a feeling you composed the Dungeoneering manual, but I'll still last ) then a team of mild, abyssal whip and hands cannon are tier 70-75 weapons which are under 90k.
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