Saturday, June 3, 2023
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You would be hauled to RuneScape   
The island includes all the other god places so that you can not get the other types, the God armor shop that you'll be able to purchase the different sets of god material, for example, god firearms and swords. A Magic shop that gets you the basics, law, nature, cosmic and the other God robes that you get from your tourny. A range store, where you purchase javalins, bows, throwing weapons, arrows, And stove god clothes.

Also there's a pit where you are able to go that's an ideal training place for every type, they grip Greater deamons which have a gate next to the pit which it is possible to use for mages and rangers, and also the gate opens and you're able to go into fight the opponent.

The God Arena. This is a lot like the dueling arena and castle wars in precisely the same time in a manner. There are only two people and they are fighting against a person having a distinct God Armor they then duke it out untill one of them dies, nobody looses anything and they cannot outlaw anything unless another guy agrees. There's no stake at hand except money, the greater the other guy wins the more money they triumph. The matter is that no one really'stakes' money, it's constantly there for every fight, thus making it a much more safe edition.

It could be called"The Troubled Miner". To start with, you'd be accepted by the event during mining. You would be hauled to a cave where a miner was in trouble. There would be 4 different scenarios he could be in. He is trapped under a small rockslide. He's stuck up on a high ledge. His pick has broken.

If you arrive that he will immediately say something like"Phew. . As you can see im in a small situation. . If you say yes he will state"Excellent, now heres what you will need to do..." If you say no he will become somewhat angry and say"Well seeing as how I brought you you really don't have an option if you would like to get back! He will tell you he cant reach his mining safety tools. They will be sitting on the floor near where you appeared and all are on your reach.

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