Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Wilderness and Free Trade   

Wilderness and free trade are currently being discussed. What happens to things that were intended to replace it? A quick history lesson... GE- was developed about one month prior to the famous changes to substitute free trade.

Ancient warriors' equipment- originally designed to look like statuettes. Due to the low pvp drops in the past, they created ancient fighters equipments luck drops too, so you could obtain them and make money (the economy in that time was extremely low).

Statuettes- These statuettes introduced with the new bounty hunter systems provided hope to those who were looking for great loots. It gave people an idea of their chances of getting decent loot. PvP realms- These worlds were designed to replace an old bounty hunter. They had many worlds at one time however, they have been reduced to very small numbers.

Hotspots are areas where loot is more "kinder' for the player. Clan Warsone of the first minigames to have allowed players to play f2p. These replaced huge wilderness fights between clans. The new Bounty Hunter- After many months of pvp, Jagex changed the way loot is handled and also provided a brand new method to play pk.

FFA arenas The update to FFA arenas is the worst thing in Runescape. It was part of an update that ended clan wars forever. It was able to decrease the amount of players in the arena and made it a dull experience. I'm not even going to talk on the dangers of the arena. Request assistance was created after we couldn't trade items to make into different ones; e.g. For low levels, air/law/etc runes, making armor.

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