Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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What's the most important GPS feature?   
Aside from the unit itself, what is basically the most important feature that a GPS (Global Positioning System) should have? Do you have any idea?

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04:28:29 AM
Re: What's the most important GPS feature?
The real main feature of a GPS Unit is basically its software, a good software means that its more efficient in relaying out needed informations.
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04:35:04 AM
Re: What's the most important GPS feature?
A GPS unit is a must. A global positioning system takes you turn by turn; the only things they can't do is lead you to a unit that's right for you.
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05:34:15 PM
Re: What's the most important GPS feature?
One of its important feature is Large Internal Memory.Very crucial and depends much on your GPS.
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