Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Triangulation Concept in GPS   
What is this concept of "triangulation" which is the basic foundation of GPS operations?

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05:04:21 PM
Re: Triangulation Concept in GPS
The basic concept behind how GPS work is based on the “triangulation” from satellites. The word “triangulation” is very loosely used here, as there are no angles involved. The actual word that should be used is “trilateration”, which is a method of ascertaining the relative position of objects using the geometry of triangles.
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05:05:04 PM
Re: Triangulation Concept in GPS
Yah, I read that to triangulate, a GPS receiver must measure the distance between an object and itself using the travel time of radio signals.
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05:05:47 PM
Re: Triangulation Concept in GPS
If what I remember reading also is correct, to measure travel time, a GPS receiver needs very accurate timing which can be achieved using some tricks. Along with measuring the distance, you need to know exactly where the satellites are in space. So putting them in high orbits and very careful monitoring are the secret behind how GPS works.
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05:08:04 PM
Re: Triangulation Concept in GPS
And to finalize the whole process, there must be an attempt to correct for any delays in the signal experiences as it travels through the atmosphere so you can have a very accurate reading.
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