Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Garmin Nuvi 1690 Forum   
Discussion about capabilities and features of Garmin Nuvi 1690 Navigator. Review can be found in our review section at reviews.gpsfaq.com

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06:12:06 PM
Garmin Nuvi 1690
I've had four of these units in the last three weeks and not one of them stores more than 150 entries even though the box states that it will store 1,000. Further, everyone of them randomly shuts itself off. Three of them have had screen flicker issues. This model appears to have serious defects which seems unusual for Garmin. Nice features but they need to work.

Good luck if you purchase this model.
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j r colimon
06:56:53 PM
Garmin Nuvi 1690
Indeed...great features, but quite a few them don't work. Moreover, the system keeps on shutting off by itself. Tis is the 4th one (Nuvi 1690) I have had in the past month. Is there anyone out there that is experiencing the same issues?
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05:55:19 PM
Locked up?
I just received my Garmin 1690 and let my wife take it to go on a trip this weekend, from Atlanta, GA to Columbia, SC.

On the way over it worked perfectly.

On the way back (about halfway into the trip) the screen froze (at 15 miles to go to next turn) and she missed the exit. After trying to turn it off (it didn't) she just set it in the passenger seat still frozen on the same screen, About 45 minutes later, she noticed the screen was black, turned it back on any everything worked nrmal again.

Any ideas?
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12:50:17 AM
Nuvi 1690
I had six of these units none worked right. This unit has serious multiple serious issues that make the gps unoperable. Really wanted it to work but it never did. Return this piece of shit. The features are good but they dont work. Garmin really screwed this one up which is unusual because they supposed to be reliable. Shame on them.
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Anthony Lanclos
11:03:32 PM
Garmin 1690
I recently upgraded to the 1690 and have a question about the map view. During normal map movement and in destination mode I have 4 ICONS on the right side of the screen for Direction, Time, Speed, and Elevation. These 4 ICONS take up a lot of map view and I need to know if these can be hidden. In all the views I've seen on the net, these ICONS are not there. Does anyone know how I can disable these ICONS. It takes away from the map.
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Thom Van Gool
03:17:26 PM
Sattelite altitude reading
Is there a hand held GPS with satelite generated signals
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Henry Harder
03:43:34 PM
Map display Reply to Anthony Lanclos's post dated 1/6/2010 11:03:32 PM
To move the map data info to the bottom corners select the following
Down arrow
Map data layout
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05:09:34 PM
Garmin 1690
I upgraded from a garmin 680 to the 1690 had unit 2 weeks and unit froze up. Call Garmin and was told to do a hard reset [you lose all your favorites when you do this]to do this [hold power button and press on lower right side of screen] This did work but unit did the same thing the next week. The unit would not respond to the hard reset. Was told by Garmin to send unit back to them I would received a new unit. The unit that I received was a Overhauled unit. NOT NEW This unit work so far.
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12:28:10 PM
froze up so i turned it off now it won't power up. tried the reset botom/right push power button to no avail. What is the reset
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