Saturday, June 3, 2023
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VZ Navigator By LG   
Turn your cell phone into an all in one GPS device with VZ Navigator. Verizon just sent me in a mail invitation to purchase new plan from it called VZ Navigator, very clever way of putting navigation into cell phone. To try it out its only cost 2.99 a day or 9.99 a month. You simply download VZ Navigator into your phone and enable Location ON option on the phone. By default its configured to 911 Only. Here is a list of steps to load it.

1. Go to Get It Now
2. Select Get Going
3. Choose Get New App
4. Select Travel and guides
5. Choose VZ Navigator

Hope to hear your reviews about this service.

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11:47:40 PM
VZ Navigator is too expensive
I tried to load software on my phone, but it turns out you have to pay 10 per month of 3 dollrs per day of use. Too expensive for me, Garmin comes free of cost for usage which I like.
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