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GPS (microchip) your child   
I've been thinking lately that what if I could put a microchip to track my child all the time? I have a 9 year old daughter and I want to know exactly where she is all the time because I want to keep her safe and there are a growing number of crimes including young children. How about you? If you are given the chance, would you microchip your child? Why or why not? The pros of tracking your child includes knowing where your child is at all time and if ever something bad happened to your child you could find him or her right away, such as when kidnapped. However, I have also been thinking that it is a cruel act because you are depriving your child of privacy. What do you think? I am leaving you with these pros and cons and you can also add other things.

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01:28:48 AM

I would definitely microchip my child if given the chance. It will lessen my worries especially if something bad happen to my child like being kidnapped and so the police could easily locate her and bring her back to me. I think that this will be a very practical device it can help lessen those nights when a parent could not sleep because of too much worrying about their child. It will also make me feel better, as a parent, because I know that I have an idea of where my child is especially if she is going out with her friends. I don't care too much about the privacy issue. I mean I am just only doing it because I care for her and she is still a minor. I deserve and need to know where she is. Besides it is just a tracking device, not a hidden camera that will show me everything that she is doing.

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01:42:26 AM

Even though I want to know where my child is all the time, I would say no for several reasons. First off, I think it is really creepy and I am not a big fan of big brother who sees and knows everything. Second, I also think that there is too much chemicals already in our body and I think that could be hazardous for the health of my child. I mean, they discover all these wonderful stuffs like patches and medicines but after several years they found out all the negative side effects of these products. There are literally millions of lawsuits on gadgets and products like these. I mean if something bad happen to your child while he/she is using that product, do you think that the government would take responsibility for that? Maybe they would, but it would take a long time before you can get justice. I don/t want to risk the life of my child for something like that.

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01:57:34 AM

Miketan: I agree with you. I have seen in the news that more and more young kids and teenagers are being kidnapped, while others were found dead. I mean if only they had the chip in their body, their family would not be mourning and they would still be alive. A child deserves to have some privacy, in my opinion, but it is also the right of the parent to know the whereabouts of their children, especially if they are still young. When they get older, like when they reach 18, they could do everything that they want and I would never interfere.
Tommy17: I respect your opinion. However, I do not think that putting a microchip in your child is acting like big brother at all. Just like what I have said, you only do it to track your child. It doesn't have a built-in hidden camera that will enable you to see everything that your child is doing. That is creepy and big brother-like.
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Patrisha smith
06:39:03 PM
You are absolutely right Miketan! We all know that children cannot make intelligent decisions when it comes to avoiding situations where they may be molested, accidentally hurt, or otherwise injured. My children cannot always be in my presence, but if they are not with me, my wife, or other family members, I know where my kids are. That is through registering their cell phones in "SafeKidZone". This is their website http://safekidzone.com/. I have found this service very relevant on our part and we've been using this until now to keep track of our children. This is also very reliable in case your children need help. I know this service could help you too.
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11:38:07 PM
micro chips Reply to miketan's post dated 7/28/2010 1:28:48 AM
i am a kid and i want to get micro chiped but i dont want it to hurt
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me again
11:45:50 PM
micro chip Reply to me's post dated 3/28/2012 11:38:07 PM
what do you think i should do my sister said i shouldn't because when i am older they'll invade my personal biz but my dad said yes cause if something bad can happen then they'll no where i am right away what do you guys think i should do take a vote right yes if you vote yes right no if you vote no which ever has the most ill go with that
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11:52:28 PM

sorry miketan that wasnt ment 4 u just trying to put sumthing up plz dont reply
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06:02:38 AM
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