Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Questions about caching   
I have an 8-year old daughter and we just got really hooked and so into this hobby just recently. I have a Blackberry phone and I just downloaded a trial version of a geocaching program but unfortunately it will end today. So I am just wondering, do I really have to spend $20 to continue on the geocaching program or just invest my money in a handheld GPS? However, I am only willing to spend $150 on it. I also do not want to pay for other expenses like maps and updates. I heard that there are some companies which makes you pay like a lot of money for the updates several times. Is it true? I just do not want to spend too much money on that. What do you guys think? Please help us because my daughter and I really love it. We could not wait to go on our next adventure.

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09:05:32 AM

I also own a Blackberry and I use both the Cacheberry and the Blackstar Navigation. Blackstar is free but I pay $10 for the Cacheberry. Based my from my experience, it is best to use the GPSr of the Blackberry when you are in an open location. It is hard to get a signal once you get in the woods or you are around large and tall buildings. I have noticed that though that other handheld devices that uses GPSR gets a lot more signal and is more accurate when giving directions. In terms of the applications, I did not pay anything at all for the Blackstar. It works well and one of the things that I like about it is that it takes a lock and gives you a search page on the closest or nearest GC.com caches. However, you still have to go into each cache pages one by one wherein you can download the file so that you can have it on your phone. For the Cacheberry, I paid $10.
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09:17:46 AM

I own a Blackberry 9000 and I have used Cachesense or formerly known as Cacheberry for several months now and I think it works well. Not great, but just fine. I have used it several times to work with my handheld device. I usually use it when I need to work on some cache and I left my handheld device at the car or at home. However, there are some inaccuracy but I think that is only the result of the chip which is included in all other smart phones like Blackberry. Even if I own a handheld device, I also use my Blackberry always. Usually when there is good reception it gives me the chance to double check if there are any logs available that I can use with my cache. Also, Cachesense has now a way to take pictures that I can use with the GC number.
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10:50:12 PM

Well, maybe I think that I should just pay them the $20. I think that it is the best that I can do because we really loved it and maybe if we purchase a new one, we may not like it. We like the geocaching of Blackberry and I think we should just stick to it. I am also thinking not to get a new handheld device just for that because I am really cheap and I want to save more money. But I am also thinking that maybe buying a handheld device could be better for the long run. I am so confused! My daughter is bugging me already and I really want to update our trial but I still have questions on my mind. Well, thanks though for your answers.
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