Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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GPS’ Accuracy   
This might sound to pessimistic but I am just apprehensive about my GPS device. I feel that it is not as accurate as it is supposed to. I know that the GPS device which I bought is among the best there is in the market so it should work properly. Well, I bought it little more than a year ago. I wanna know if my GPS needs replacement or if I am doing something which affects the accuracy of my GPS. I only keep it inside my car but I would like to ask you guys if you know about the things that affect the accuracy of GPS devices. Thanks a lot!

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09:56:16 PM
Factors that Affect GPS Accuracy
I have to say that a GPS that is just a year old should not give you much problems especially if you invested on a good one when you bought it. I’d like to share with you some factors that you might want to consider because these things affect accuracy of GPS devices at times. Let us start with what is commonly called the noise. This is often caused by the radio signal and oftentimes it also affect the accuracy of the GPS receiver. Another thing which could affect the accuracy of your GPS device is your surroundings. It could be the mountains, trees, buildings and the terrains that surround you and your GPS receiver. The atmosphere’s condition is also a factor like for example, raindrops or mist can affect the transmission. So before you conclude that your GPS device is inaccurate, maybe you should check out these factors too. Hope that helps!
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10:03:30 PM
Some More Factors to Consider with GPS Accuracy
I have the same question too just about a month ago when I also thought my device was already inaccurate but the reason why it doesn’t work as well is because I moved to another state and the terrains were different. I got to that conclusion because I also asked people around. Here are some of the answers I got from them. Hopefully these will help you too.
• Occupation time required- this is the time required for the signal or data from the transmitter down to the device. This may sound a bit technical but if you have the manual of your device, you might wanna check on this one and probably, your device just takes a little more time to reflect the accurate data.
• The condition of the environment- If your living in a place that’s always subjected to changing weather conditions, then your GPS’ accuracy may be greatly affected.
• Minimum allowable signal your and maximum allowable signal- Since GPS devices works by connecting to satellites, being in a remote area can affect its accuracy once you exceed the maximum distance for your GPS device.
I hope that those factors could help you to assess your GPS System’s accuracy. Do not go out and buy another one immediately, check your surroundings first and the setting of your GPS device.
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