Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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vehicle tracking unit and vehicle tracking system   
Can any one please tell me, what is the difference between vehicle tracking unit and vehicle tracking system? I want to install vehicle tracking on all my fleets. Which is the suitable one for me?

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05:28:04 PM
vehicle tracking units
My company did a 4 company comparison between the major competition. We ended up going with Vehicle path. They are more cost effective with hardware and monthly service. Many of the companies were pretty close however I will have a much better ROI when alll is said and done with them.
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08:00:17 AM

The main difference between the two products is the following; a vehicle tracking unit is the hardware, normally a small box with a GPS & GSM antenna, which is located covertly within the vehicle. These "units" are often monitored by a third party and are primarily for security. A vehicle tracking system will add a software package onto the basic tracking unit. The software package will allow authorised users, such as your companies fleet manager, to track the vehicle via a secure website and mapping software. As well as real time tracking various reports can also be run to show the vehicles start and stop times & speeding reports etc. Most tracking systems require the user to sign a 2 - 5 year contract but Chameleons Asset Track vehicle tracking system dose not tie the user into any long term contracts. For more information visit http://www.chameleondirect.com/portable-navigation
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11:34:24 AM
VisiRun GPS Tracker
VisiRun is a GPS Tracker service that allows to track and trace your fleet through the internet, with a very small monthly fee.

Please visit http://www.visirun.com/index.php/en.html
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09:55:00 PM
tracker different between CT04,PT03
What is the difference between CT04 and PT03?
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