Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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MUT needs improvement over gameplay?   
What the community needs EA to fix/add the most to

I'd like to understand who 5.2% is and slap every one of them. Why on earth would anyone believe MUT needs improvement over gameplay? I mean, it would be wonderful to know that if I began MUT halfway into year I wouldn't be paired against an 85 ovr team when mines under 75. Main reason I don't play with it. Have an expert and a casual MUT selection. Go into casual variant and you may use coins without any purchasing. Teams are from anything you really earned. Or create a team that is pro where it is what it currently is. Your group will move to pro side, but anything will not xfer to casual. Idk, not ever been a MUT person before but appears that if you do not begin and stay consistent from launch of sport, your staff will not amount to anything.

Imo, MUT is some thing I did when it first came out afterward never did because it's gone the next year, not like a free pack. I get MUT has room for advancement I agree with everything you mentioned (non earning casual MUT won't ever happen tho, ever), but if I'm being real, I like MUT was just gone as it's caused everything else to get discounted.

MUT at its easiest form was when I enjoyed it the most. They've added so much its just difficult to keep up. Went on and got a bunch with some cool free 90ovr men, but all in all if you're not on it constantly to finish challenges since they release you then drop WAY behind. I understand they will not possess a casual non-purchasing variant of MUT, which is why ive gone to franchise style.
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