Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Magellan 4250 or Nuvi 650 which one   
I am thinking of buying one but which one 4250 or 650? Any recommendations.......

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01:14:41 AM

I recently bought 650 and i was really disappointed with it. The street names are missing.It doesn't recognize any address.

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01:16:01 AM

Even my 650 is giving a problem and so i was thinking of returning it and wished to try out Magellan 4250 i hope this unit will be better than 650.
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01:20:24 AM

I recently purchased Magellan 4250 and soon as i start using it i was just shocked, it doesn't showed my neighborhood in it???
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01:24:04 AM

Oh that really shocking ya. Do you try calling support?
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01:28:06 AM

Yes, but they did not answer my call. They have very poor and one of the worst support i have ever seen.
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01:33:43 AM

I would suggest you to try one from TomTom or Navigon their products are quiet good and have a good support.
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