Monday, May 16, 2022
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Lost Ark is a lot of fun   

As the weekend progressed and server queues grew longer and longer - especially in Europe - sentiment turned, and negative reviews began appearing. Many players complained about the unusually lengthy queue times. However, some expressed their displeasure at the fact that items of premium quality included in the game's starter packs are not account-wide, and instead get locked to the person from whom they were activated.

This is what led to the current Steam user rating, which is Mixed as of writing. Based on 45,692 user reviews, and 68% of which are positive. If more negative reviews are posted - which isn't out of the question considering that it's a free-to-play game - the balance may be to the negative possibly causing the overall rating to Negative.

Amazon Games, Lost Ark's publisher in the West is aware of players' concerns regarding how difficult it is to get started with the game. The company is currently working on a whole region of servers in Europe in order to be part of the existing Central Europe cluster. More servers have been added in between early access and public launches but it's unclear what time it will take to make this transition easy.

Check out our growing assortment of Lost Ark guides, covering everything from the best classes for PvE and PvP to how to quickly level up your character as well as how to play the game with controllers.Lost Ark is a lot of fun. I've spent hours with it and I'm excited to play more. However, the most recent popular game on Steam has been criticized in regards to how it portrays female characters.

The game, in particular, features some truly silly female animations that offer women no options apart from showing armor, and forces women to wear heels and has gender-specific classes.

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