Friday, December 1, 2023
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How is TomTom XL330S?   
I just read that TomTom is out with the new GPS device called XL330S. I have TomTom one and really happy with it. What are the features new version is providing that I don't already have?

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10:59:52 PM
I used XL330S
My friend got it and he is very much impressed with the speed it gets signal and boots up. No more waiting to acquire signal... he recommended it to me.
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01:49:14 AM
TomTom XL330S is the one to buy
I would suggest everyone to buy this device, I am really happy that TomTom came up with it as it has superior singal reception and nice and very detailed maps.
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08:05:45 PM

I am thinking about purchasing the TomTom XL330S. This appears to be one of the better GPS navigators for a reasonable price. Does anyone know, does this re-charge using your home computer? WOW, if so, what a huge convenience.
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11:45:54 PM
TomTom XL330C rechargable
You are right Rosco, it will be very good addition to TomTom XL330C capabilities it will be possible to recharge from the computer. I would think it may be possible.
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02:59:45 PM
it does recharge from the compujter or laptop
none better for the price,,,,and it grabs the sats so fast
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03:18:58 PM
Quality Issues
I had to return 2 XL330S's, the first one locked up after I tried to up-date it from their website.The second unit came apart after I tried to remove it from my windshield.I tried to put it back together again, but couldn't. When I returned it to Cir City, the sales person told me he had a lot of XL330S's returned over mounting issues, so I got my money back.I really liked the features and the unit was accurate,I'm looking to buy a beanbag mount from Cabelas, so I can purchase another XL330S.
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11:12:17 AM
Tom Tom XL 330 S
Just took my new tom tom out of the packaging, no easy task. Had to resort to a utility knife and a prayer I wouldn't end up in the emergency room. Very unnecessary to do that!
Have seen many mixed reviews today but the most important thing I learned when I searched for home chargers was that you COULD trickle charge the tom tom using the usb cable included with the unit, normally used for downloading maps and updates. Funny they don't tell you that. Wasn't sure how I would charge the tom tom in the car unless I was driving for two hours. My question is: Do I have to have my computer on to charge thru the usb port, and do you have to have your car ON for the accessory port to be "live" Hope someone can tell me that.
Happy holidays.
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11:15:39 AM
ps about the tom tom xl 330 s
This was a Christmas gift from my daughter purchased from qvc. The ordering agent was very smart to recommend the bean bag mount due to reported mounting problems. I've seen tons of negative print about that on many different review sites. So I'm hoping we've avoided one problem right from the start. A lack of memory problem for downloading maps?
WE'll see...
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Flying Dutchman
03:29:43 PM
Mounting solutions
Mount to windshield: Super clean glass surface/ clean and slightly moisten the rubber suction-cup/ ensure rotating black ring is in the UNlocked position/ two hand operation: press FIRMLY on the CENTER of ring keeping CONTINUOUS pressure against the windshield while with the other hand rotate the black ring to the LOCK position (all the way to the stop)/ be patient, it'll work.

Mount to dash, etc. : use same technique as above except attach suction-cup to the large black plastic disk provided in the box. Peel off the paper, and stick it where you like.

Good Luck.
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08:36:54 PM
you can buy tomtom xl 330s at samsclub for 169.00 I was just at samsclub
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11:32:19 AM
Charging the 330
You can charge the XL 330s via a usb that comes with it for your computer, and you can trim down the plug of a bluetooth charger and plug it into a wall socket also..
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11:33:50 AM
Walking feature
Has anyone used the walking feature on the 330..If so, how is it ?
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02:15:53 PM
TomTom Charging
You can also buy a BlackBerry charger to replace the charger that is currently packaged with the TomTom XL330S. Actually all TomToms run off of this type of plug. Another thing that is an opportunity for you people wanting to charge in the house on a computer or USB plug in is to buy the adapter which plugs into a standard 110 home outlet and I imagine they sell one of these in UK for 220 volt needs, but buy the adapter which has a USB out on it from AC power and poof you have a way to charge without leaving your computer on continuously overnight and through the day since this method is trickle charging and take forever to do. :)
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09:42:44 PM
tom tom xl330s
I took it for a test, but it does not mention th street we are teuning on to , just says up ahead 500 yards, whats up with that
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03:49:03 PM
my GPS is coming today in the mail, i got it for $99.99 at


with shipping it was like 106.70:D copy and paste the website
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10:37:17 AM
Mounting this damn thing
OK, really having a difficult time mounting this thing. I followed Flying Dutchman's instructions (after deeming the ridiculous sketched directions from TomTom unusable). Still can't get it to stick to the windshield. I have previously mounted the 730 which is much easier to remove, but this one has me frustrated. Any other tips or suggestions?
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11:33:15 PM
Mount Problem
I agree with mount problem. If you use out of the box mount it can be annoying but I purchased mount from another company and I am happy with it now.
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12:14:30 PM
I bought the Tom Tom XL 330S and had the same issue as a previous writer. The unit works great but does not give the street names, just says turn left/right so many feet or miles ahead. I tried changing the preferences but couldn't find anything to correct it. I brought it back and exchanged it for another one, only to have it do the same thing. After reading online about this unit, I learned that you have to choose the computerized voice in the settings, and there is only one voice to choose from. If you choose the human voice it will NOT read the street names. When I go back into my car today I am going to change this setting and make sure it says the street names. From what I have read online, you can get updates from the website and add additional computerized voices. I hope this helps some of you, because I thought I had a defective unit or got the wrong model by mistake. Overall, seems to be a great value and quite easy to use.
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12:22:39 PM
TomTom GPS over Garmin
Thank you Tim for your input. I was alwyas tried to decide which is better TomTom or Garmin and will buy SL300S now based on what I have seen thus far.
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06:53:49 PM
xl330s Reply to Rosco's post dated 7/30/2008 8:05:45 PM
Ibought it in the us and I am now in europe and it is almost impossble to get the map through the computer. no help from tom tom. great for th states but useless in europe.
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04:48:30 PM
I bought a Tomtom XL330S on 28 May 2010. I am very disappointed with it. I have already re-programmed the damn thing on their website twice because it failed to find satellites. I persistently saw the message the signal was lost "...minutes ago." I abosutely will never buy another Tomtom product. I wish I could find a mailing address for Tomtom so I knew where to send the pieces of this thing once it meets its destined encounter with a baseball bat. $169 (American) AMF.
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