Monday, January 20, 2020
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Garmin Nuvifone is delayed untill 2009   
Garmin just informed public that it will deplay its answer to iPhone. It's newly branded nuviphone will be delayed at least for another year.

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11:09:56 AM
Re: Garmin Nuvifone is delayed untill 2009
Well the latest update will be April 2009 according to Garmin Officials at the IFA in Berlin. But I think I will go for the Iphone first. If reviews will give Nuvifone a thumbs up after it's release, then I can always switch. Now one can enjoy these things if a budget for new tech is provided specially if it's one of your employment's benefit. :)
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01:30:11 PM

April is too far away. Perhaps Iphone will advance more again and it will be too late for Garmin to compete. These technological races are tiring to consumers like me that is why I just go to the basics of what I need. Getting the latest is expensive and usually useless as I don't need much.
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