Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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GPS for motorcycles   
Can I use GPS for motorcycles? I would like to use it primarily for the pleasure of traveling whether it be scenic, mountainous ridges etc. Can I sit down and
read my map route and load into the GPS. I want to choose my own routes on GPS to keep me from getting lost. Do I need a software program for this?

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07:14:04 PM
Re: GPS for motorcycles
If you want to make your own way route, then you need to choose and pick up points to go via points. it is very important, otherwise GPS will plot its own route from point A to B which is confusing. It is required to go through via points when looking for different locations.
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07:16:32 PM
Re: GPS for motorcycles
I would recommend Zumo 550. It is a software to pre-programme your trip on your computer. Take note that it is also water resistant (IPX7). Hope that helps.
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07:17:19 PM
Re: GPS for motorcycles
Thank you guys for quick responses! I investigated on Zumo 550 and it is indeed helpful research.
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