Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Digitized maps in GPS   
Hi everyone!
I am new to GPS world. I need to know some details about digitized maps. How are the lat/long coordinates plotted? Do you know any software how this unit works? Thanks for your reply!

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07:19:54 PM
Re: Digitized maps in GPS
I am not really familiar with your questions. Can you explain a little bit?
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07:20:43 PM
Re: Digitized maps in GPS
How will I plot the GPS coordinates that is the latitude and longitude on a given map. Can you please explain the process to me?
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07:21:56 PM
Re: Digitized maps in GPS
Maps that are provided by GPS manufacturers comes with a bazillion points which has latitude and longitude values. Every GPS unit relies on the satellite to provide locations for users. It gives an accurate pinpointing of the current locations at any given time. Hope it clarifies some queries.
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07:23:35 PM
Re: Digitized maps in GPS
My Tomtom unit gets signals between seven to nine satellites (minimum is three). So as I move along the roads, the satellites are tracking my movements, if I click the "Where I am?" button, I am given the location and the latitude/longitude values which is embedded in the map. I hope you have the general idea now.
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