Friday, January 22, 2021
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TomTom OV2   
You can convert Google Earth to Tomtom (OV2). This application will enable you to convert you KMZ or KML to OV2 files. It includes conversion of routes, waypoints and tracks from Google Earth to your Tomtom Navigator.

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06:59:57 PM
Re: TomTom OV2
Can you tell us in details how will we perform the conversion? Is it difficult? Can we do it manually or do we need new files for updates?
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07:00:41 PM
Re: TomTom OV2
Sure, just save your points from Google Earth in KMZ or KML format. Load the file using Ge20v2. Edit , modify and delete waypoints. Select the data that you want to convert to Tomtom Navigator. (OV2) Format and save it. Then upload the OV2 converted file to your GPS device. That's all sweetie!
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07:01:11 PM
Re: TomTom OV2
How many conversions can I make here? Exactly how many waypoints I can save here?
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07:02:46 PM
Re: TomTom OV2
Thats good question. It is only limited to 10 conversions and you can only save 237 way points. Hope you all got that. Just inform me if you did.
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