Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Question about GPS Maps   
Are there any charges or payments that I should pay if I want to upgrade my GPS maps? I want to update my GPS maps because it is outdated already but I do not want to spend a lot of money just for that. Do you have any idea or suggestions? Thank you.

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02:10:51 AM

I think that whenever you purchase a GPS, you have to pay a little extra if you want to upgrade to the newest maps available. You also have to pay yearly so that you will be updated. However, I think that it is enough if you upgrade every other year because I don't think that there are any new information every year. But if there is, then go update. I own a Garmin 760 and I just updated my maps. I think that the approximate amount for a year is $69. I got the unlimited updates and I only paid $119 which means that I can update 4 times for the whole year. Or whenever maps are available. It comes with a print that says you can update forever.
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