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I recently purchased a Golflogix GPS and prior to doing it I searched the internet and found very few comments and reviews on it. So for those of you that are planning to buy one or compare it with SkyCaddie or other models, I wanted to share my experience with both the product and the Golflogix company. I am a die hard Garmin fan and have a Garmin GPS for my boat as well as my car

First of all, the response I got from their customer service with respect to my questions was prompt and courteous. My emails were answered within a day and sometimes less than a day. I actually ended up talking with several different people at Golflogix depending on my questions - -

If you do your homework, you will discover that Golflogix and about 9 other companies have been recently named in a class action suit for patent infringement. The patent is basically one that covers measurement to the pin. Golflogix and most other similar devices measure to the center of the green. According to Golflogix management, the suit is frivolous and other than some lawyers making some money over it for the next few years nothing much should become of it.

The second thing I discovered after I got my unit is that it has an option to enable WAAS. I was curious why it didn’t default to WAAS and was told by Golflogix that sometimes the readings became a bit erratic in areas where there was poor WAAS reception and as a result their ‘normal’ setting was without WAAS enabled.

This worried me a bit with respect to accuracy because the official data published for GPS accuracy in general operating without WAAS is about 15 yards. That wasn’t close enough to keep me happy. With WAAS enabled, GPS receivers are capable of being within 3 yards.

Golflogix told me that even without WAAS enabled, their product performed as advertised – which is within 3 yards accuracy. Quite frankly I didn’t believe it so I ran some of my own tests.

As I expected, it was better with WAAS enabled – it typically read within +/-1 yard of the true distance. (I established the ‘true’ distance by averaging all the readings I took). I was thrilled with this type of accuracy. In one case it wandered off by 3 yards.

What blew me away was that without WAAS enabled, it typically read within +/- 2 yards of the true value. There was one isolated case where it wandered off by 4 yards.

I don’t totally understand how it is so accurate but a test is worth a thousand expert opinions and it passed with flying colors. I do understand that if the green is say 300 yards in front of you and the GPS ‘thinks’ you are 3 or 4 yards to the right or left of where you are standing, its effect on the distance to the green is insignificant. As a matter of fact, the worst case error would only occur if the GPS thought you were a few yards directly in front or directly behind where you actually were.

I would also strongly suggest getting a GPS that uses simple AA batteries; not nicad or lithium ion. AA batteries are cheap and you don’t have the hassle of keeping track of a charger and having to take your GPS in and out of your bag. And, if you did what I did – accidentally left it on overnight – all you have to do is pop new batteries in on the way to the golf course.

One major oversight of the Golflogix is that they do not have a distance of last shot read-out. They have gotten enough feedback on that and are responding by promising to have it as a free software upgrade by the end of the year. (Off the record, they told me by the end of October).

The unit reads from 999 yards to the Green to 30 yards. Under 30 yards it displays <30. Let’s face it, when you are that close you are playing by feel not by distance.

I have courses that I play at in New Hampshire, Maryland, and Florida – and every single one of them was mapped and available. For $30 a year for unlimited course access worldwide – you can’t beat it. If your course is somehow not in their database, they will map it for you with a week or so and send you an email to download it.

Another feature is Garmin ruggedness. It is waterproof and shock resistant. Some of the competitive GPS are like cell phones – better not get them to wet!

The Golflogix comes with a year warranty and 30 days money back to try it. They offer free 2 day shipping and are obviously anxious for your business.

As you can tell, I have had a very pleasant experience with the product and company so far -

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11:35:14 PM
Great post about GolfLogix
I certainly appreciate the author taking time and filling us in with more details about GolfLogix. Next time I will be looking to by GPS for golfing, I know what to do... Thanks!
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01:52:39 AM
Great read!
Just got my garmin for Christmas and can't wait to use it!
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11:36:55 PM
Golflogix customer service?
What customer service. I have emailed three days straight about the inability to download course and other than their automated response stating they would be in contact with me I have not received any response. Even an F U would be sufficient at this point. I admit I am not a computer genius, but I have downloaded enough software and updates over the years to know what is working and what is crap. GolfLogix software is crap. Avoid them like the plague.
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02:24:29 PM
GolfLogix gps unit
Sorry you seem to have had problems with customer service "rhowho" but they have been just fine with me. I too had trouble downloading. It worked the first time but from then on it would just hang. Following the manual and online suggestions (new battery, connection tightness, etc) did not help. GolfLogix sent me a new USB to serial cable. Voila! Things have worked fine since.

I also have a Bushnell laser GPS unit and it is accurate to within one yard as proven by me stepping off distances to different objects (and hoping no one saw me going heel to toe as I walked!) Using the Bushnell to site the flag on the green isn't the easiest thing to do since your hand(s) tend to not be steady enough for that small an object at 100-200 yards. To overcome that you can "hit" a person that is tending the flagstick if that is an option. Anyway, I used that as a comparison to the GolfLogix accuracy and the GolfLogix was right on considering both items are +/- one yard. I've used it for over 20 rounds of golf and people I've played with begin asking for distances. I've had several ask where I got the unit, how much it cost, etc. Be aware you have to understand the flag position on the green since the GolfLogix "only" gives green front, center , and back distances. It does come up with distances to hazards or doglegs also. My unit does have the "distance of the last shot" function. You press a buuton and as you move toward your ball the changing yardage is shown. That is in a straight line ... A bad 250 yard hook/slice may end up being 200 yards from the position you hit from. Same thing applies to overall hole distances. Your scorecard may say a hole is 502 yards but that takes into acount hitting your ball in the fairway and following doglegs or going around water hazards.

I now use rechargeable batteries and have spares in my golfbag. With regular alkaline batteries I was able to easily get in two rounds of golf of about 8-10 hours before the battery warning icon came on. With rechargeable nicad/lithium batteries I can get about a round and a half (six hours or so) but I usually change them after each round. One time I removed the batteries without turning off the GPS unit and lost the 15 courses that were loaded into it. That wasn't a big deal since I was at home and just reloaded them from my computer. So if I ever need to put in fresh batteries while on the course I'll turn off the unit first. I takes all of a minute to do that and for the GPS to get back on and find my course and hole position.

I figure the GolfLogix GPS has helped my game to the tune of about 4-5 strokes per round allowing for my inconsitency of hitting and estimating I am 120-125 yards out (surprise! it's 131). I like it!
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mike hart
07:46:12 PM
software problem
i have the golflogix 2008. when ever i try to register it says golf logix not responding. this has been going on for 3 weeks. i cant download any courses. not very happy. if i had bought this in my home town i would have returned it by now.
i have had no response from there so called tech support.
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james cruthirds
02:19:05 AM
I'm have a golflogix 2007 and i can not get to the the area to download more courses. Yes I have used it before.
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02:46:44 PM
sales questions
Often times people have questions about which golf gps to get. I sell both the Golflogix and the Skycaddie SG5. Should you need any help with understanding the difference, you can visit our website: www.bestgolfrangefinder.com

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Gary OConnor
04:59:15 PM
I won my unit in an outing in Myrtle Beach, when I got home to New York and tried to register on the 2nd step it wouldn't take my info I thought. Talked to tec support and they had me try about a dozen different things,still wouldn't work. They said they would work on it and call me back. Went to pay some bills on line and found 8 $29.95 charges against my debet card and and 2 on my master caed. called them back and got my credit to my cards but unit still does not work. Called again today and they informed me that about 100 out of 90,000 some people are having the same problem as me and they don't know why. Tec told me no time table to find problem could be months or never, said I should sell it on e-bay.
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10:20:46 PM

Just got mine for Christmas, now if it would only melt snow, I'd use it tomorrow.
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09:43:00 PM

I bought a golflogix unit for a christmas present. For my wife. It arrived 3 days before Christmas. I could not load anything to the unit. After reaching their tech support, we discovered the cable was defective and they would send me a new one. I received the new cable 2 days after christmas. I loaded my course , but the unit does not pick up all the holes , and the ones it does ,it tells me Im 991 yards to the center of the green . Some hole only give me 857 yard to the center??? Well I will call their tech support again monday. Wish me luck

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10:44:43 AM
Golf gps
Ok here is an update for you...
Make sure the "read only" tab is Disabled to allow yout to download from the golf list. This was factory set.
And if you want to get an easy to use gps then DONT LOOK at the GOLFGPS.
This unit is rubbish and impossible to use. I am quite good with computers but this is not worth the $250- spent on it. It is a lot of dough for a headache.
Mine will be heading back tomorrow.

Do your homework folks
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Anony Confession Guy
11:49:59 PM
Just bought a Golflogix GPS8
But it is winter here in Minnesota so I have to wait until April to use it. Wish me luck!
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12:03:00 AM
Just got one for Christmas. Software is great. Easy downloads. Don't know what the trouble these guys are having. Make sure you have the cable hooked up right and it works great. downloaded 18 courses in a few minutes. Maye they should download the manual and read it.
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10:34:50 AM
Like the guy from Minn. , I am from Indiana. If I register now my warranty starts and by the time I get to try this thing my warranty will be expired.
This is so frustrating to have this device and not be able to use it. I need to fly to Florida and play some golf.
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06:33:34 PM
I just got mine for Christmas. I had problems getting the driver to load. It turns out that I should have used the Vista-64 version. I do have Vista-64, I have the 32 bit verison. The dialouge boxes that would pop up during this install were obviuosly not written by anyone that speaks even poor english. It was rediculous.
Now that I have everything installed and courses loaded I am getting ready for my trip to Mexico. I will be playing 6 - 7 rounds in Mazatlan. I look forward to it. It will be fun to test the caddies knowledge of the course.
Of all of the courses that I have played in my life (over 75) - everyone was listed. One was grayed out meaning they were aware of it but it was not mapped yet. I requested it to be mapped - I got an email 2 days later saying it was mapped.
I got this unit for it's simplicity and the fact that you do not need glasses to read it. I wear bifocals but not when I golf. The fact that the numbers are big are fantastic.
Also I know others with the SkyCaddie and do have trouble getting satellite signal at times.
One last word - I would not be the one that would run my credit card several tiumes before contacting the company. We may need to consider the source on that posting.
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04:55:46 AM
I have had the GPS8 unit from March 2008. Downloaded the solfware on my laptop as well as my PC. I travel alot and can load courses on the go. Cancun Mexico, Florida, Albany & Saratoga Springs, New York, & Bermuda to name a few places I've played. Once in a while downloading courses can take a few minutes, and sometimes I have to download the solfware over again. Over all I very please with the golflogix. I have over fifty courses in my course manager and I'm very surprized at the accuracy of all the courses. I have been playing golf for only a short time, (3 1/2 to 4 years) and have knock off about 5 to 8 strokes per game. I've drop the golflogix in water, mud, Cart paths on the move, and anywhere else you can think of on a golf course. It still works. Once in a while it might cut off on its own,but after all the abuse it been through, I'm happy. It takes a licking and keeps on working. Do your homework, It's a no brainer.
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Steve Two Gloves
05:58:30 PM
Golflogix GPS8
I've had my GPS8 Golflogix for almost 9 months now. I've had problems with it since day one. It downloads with no problem. My problems are on the course. It works great for about 3 rounds, then it will just "freeze up" for no reason. It will not scroll, and you can't turn it off. Even taking the batteries out and replacing them does not help. It has to be re-connected to the computer and reloaded. Then it works for a couple rounds, then freezes up again. Most recently, the screen visibility has just vanished. Resetting the contrast, reloading it etc. does not change it. The screen is so weak now, it is virtually invisible. Tech support has been slow to respond, and don't know what the visibility problem is all about.
I'm a huge Garmin fan, but I think this unit and the golflogix company is not worth the money. I'll be replacing it as soon as I can afford a different unit.
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Golf Nut
12:02:34 AM
I Love it
My friend got a Golflogix for Christmas and realizing that it would be months until he would be able to play, he loaned it to me to try during my Florida vacation. I love it! I have had no problems loading the course manager on either XP or Vista (32 bit). I found it easiest to select the state then nearby towns and select the courses. When I went to load them to the unit, I then choose the nearest twenty that were selected remembering that a course that is really 3 nine hole courses count as three and not one and laoded the Golflogix. I use rechargable (1800ma) batteries which last about 2 rounds. You can zero at any time to get a distance on a drive or any shot, but you lose it when you clear it to get yardages for your next shot. It does speed play if for no other reason than distances to and over water hazards. Although it still requires you to hit the shot, an accurate distance to the pin still gives you the confidence that you have the right club. Since most clubs usually visually indicate the front, middle, back for the pin position and the Golflogix provides these yardages, I found it shot-saving to at least know how far I had to go. Now it seems that I have to get my own or to not to lose this one in a swamp :)
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08:01:33 PM
dead screen
does anyone know how to restart this? the home screen is dead after changing the batteries 2 times.
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Neil Frihart
11:55:20 PM
GolfLogix 2008
This is my 2nd GolfLogix, my first one was a 2007 model that worked great. When the 2008 models came out with the advanced features (holds 20 courses instead of 10 and distance of last shot and course recognition) I knew I had to have one. I was able to sell my 2007 model to a friend for
$100.00 and that helped justify the cost of a new 2008 model. As I said it works great the only problem I had was I bought a new Dell computer with Vista Home Premium 64 bit OS. I had to figure how to work around the problems but was able to load the 16 courses I play around Coffeyville. I contacted GolfLogix about this problem and they told me that Microsoft has 11 different version of 64 bit Vista published which is not Garmins fault. Other than that it is a fantastic unit, rugged, well made and great battery life. I use rechargables and they last 16 - 18 hours. I bought a drink holder mount and it is a great addition to the GolfLogix unit. Compared to a Sky Caddie that my friends use the distances are nearly always the same as they both measure to the center of the green. Although the GolfLogix isn't a color display but all the information displayed is all that is needed.
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10:32:11 AM
testing golflogix
just down loaded courses. Because there is 1 foot of snow outside testing the unit on a course is impossible. Is there a way to test the unit to see if it is picking up satellites or do you have to be on a course that is logged in the memory? when I down loaded the courses the gps unit did post the word "loading" on the screen - is that all I need to go by?
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11:36:55 AM
GolfLogix Problem
I bought a GolfLogix 8 last Summer. Liked it a lot. Recommended it to four friends who got it as well. Then the problems started. I broke my belt clip. Called them and they promptly sent another. Great. Then the second one broke, and the third, and the fourth. I through the first away, but then sent the second, third and fourth back so they could see/fix the design flaws. In the meantime, two of my buddies broke their belt clips! When I called after the third, I was told that the next one would be my last free replacement--I guest they think it's my fault? I was mad. I emailed the President and explained everything. He was apologetic and said he would get right on it. Then, after trading emails with him, I got an email from the President telling me that (1) Garmin made the GPS unit and belt clip and (2) the belt clip "was just not for me" and I needed to go out on the web and find one of the "millions" that would work with the GolfLogix unit. Nice kissoff! Well, one of my buddies did find a cellphone holder that works. He and I bought one from Best Buys for about $30. It is a leather pouch for an "HTC 6950 Fuze Shadow II cell phone." I still like the GPS unit, but not the GolfLogix/Garmin quality/customer service.
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William Case
05:45:16 AM
GolfLogix GPS 8
This thing is so far off. On a nine hole course/ by up to 30 /120 yards a hole. Holes don't match screen & they want me to map course. That's a crock. They can map it, that's what i'm paying them for. I don't think that they accually walk the course. They sky map it and don't have a damn clue what they are doing. Bill
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03:07:30 PM
Golflogix software problem and no response from them
ON april 20th I tried to download a course into my golflogix gps it came to a screen that said that you must download new software before going any further tried that as per there instructions lost every course im my unit and cannot download anything Unit says sw2 missing on screen. Tried calling there tech number several times left messages on Monday tues wed thur and friday no response from them today when i called they had a recorded response that they were deluged with calls with problems with there new software upgrade. I guess the one that doesnt work and renders the data on your unit to be unusable.
this is a sad state of affairs when the company cannot post a message or warning or disable temporarily until they fix the problem. anyone else having this problem?
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04:15:42 PM
Golflogix "freeze" problem
I am having exactly the same problem as Steve. I bought my GPS-8 last May and used it all summer with no problems. Now the last 3-4 weeks it occassionally freezes after it recognizes the course and says scroll up to the first hole. At that point -- nothing. I have to reload the courses to get a few more uses until it dies again. I am beyond frustrated with "customer support". I have been on hold 3 times for over a 1/2 hour before giving up. The support email is "delivery status failure" through Yahoo. Those of you getting customer support have any hints? I now hate to golf without it and want it working. Hate to toss it out and buy another brand with only 8 months use.
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08:29:31 PM
Found this site through Google, because I have the same problem. Downloaded Vista software update Monday, and unit will no longer turn on. Changed the battery and unit still will not turn on. Have left messages and emails and now have been holding for 40 minutes and fear, even if I get through will not get any help. Friend has a SkyCaddie, and realize it is not as easy to use as my Logix, plus does not give all the info I want.

I now know this saxophone jazz holding tune all too well.
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01:13:33 AM
Golflogix problem
I have had my golflogix for about a month now and have appreciated the support it has given me on the course. However, it has frozen on me....tracking satellites on screen. Does anyone know how to repair this? From this forum, it sounds like the tech support is disappointing to say the least. I have sent them an email but I am not too encouraged by what I have read thus far.
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Ray Payne
04:58:30 PM
I have owned the GolfLogix 8 since it first came out. I have had similar problems as have been stated but for the most part the unit is functional. I
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Ray Payne
05:03:33 PM
Sorry about that!!! To continue- - Recently the SEARCH application will not
work. A message comes back that says I am not connected to the internet or my
firewall is blocking the application. When I tried to contact GolfLogix they
sent the auto message but I haven't heard from them since. (2 weeks) Any
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12:01:36 AM

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12:03:49 AM

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02:53:38 PM
Customer Service
I have experienced the same problems as Steve Two Gloves posted above. I have sent my unit in for repairs, I have been sent another new one and have sent it back to be repaired as well. I am on my 3rd new unit in 14 months. Everytime I have had to call customer service I waited on hold approx. 30 minutes. They have replaced, reset, updated, repaired, reset,etc. at least 3 times per unit.I still have the same problem. In fact they won't even respond to my e-mails anymore.If they would have refunded my purchase price and membership dues for this year, I would have went away. Now that I am being blown off. I will trash this company every chance I get. I manage 2 golf leagues with over 156 players combined. I have asked them to trash the company as well. They have the poorest customer service I have ever experienced! Good Luck with your new purchase.
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02:01:02 PM
golflogix8 Just can't get it to work right
play 9 hole course Turn gps on it starts me on the 9th hole have one hell of o job getting it to 1st hole. Finish 9 holes Try to get to 1st hole have the same problem. Why wont this thing start on first hole when I get to the course like it says it would?
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marvin nalick
11:18:27 AM
golflogix gps8
After reading all the testimonials and critics, I cannot believe much of what has been said. I have been using a friends golflogix gps7 for almost 2 years without a single problem. The garmin company customer service dept. has been promt, efficient and helpful. When I first used the gps, I needed information on downloading courses and the general use of the gps. The responded and talked me through each step. I purchased the golflogix gps8 recently and garmin helped me set it up. I have to believe some of the problems are customer lack of communication. I highly recommend garmin golflogix.
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12:23:20 AM
Golflogix GPS8
I have had my GPS8 for a couple of weeks. Downloading the software and loading my home course was a snap. Today they notified me by email that my home course had been updated and it took a couple of minutes to reload the new data.

Battery life of the AAs that came with the unit was 4 rounds. With rechargables I get 2 or 3 rounds.

After using it the first day I decided I needed the leather case and went home and ordered it. The next day the case was in my mailbox. That is service.

Accuracy without the WAAS activated is excellent. It is even accurate in the house which is a couple hundred yards from the first tee. Tomorrow I will try it with the WAAS turned on.

This unit was a replacement for a Golfbuddy Pro which was consistently 15 to 35 yards off.
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11:36:11 PM
Trying Golflogix for the first time
I am big fan of golf and have never used GPS for golfing. I think it is kind of strange to relay on GPS for something I have a feel for, so is there anyone with good golfing experience who thinks there is a need for Golflogix?
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12:26:21 AM
Reply to Samy Reply to Samy's post dated 11/27/2009 11:36:11 PM
In a word, no, there is not an absolute need for Golflogix. Yardage markers (100, 150, 200) on the course can give you a general idea of how far you are out. However, if exact yardage markers are not available on the fairways, or if your ball is in another fairway (happens to me a lot), then you might want an idea of exactly how far you are away. I play with Golflogix every round, and find that it gives me peace of mind in knowing I have chosen the correct club. You can play without it, but it does give you an advantage.
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10:18:27 AM
Will try Golflogix
Thanks a lot Neil, it was interesting point on why to use golflogix and I will try it this weekend. This is the best time of the year to buy one :)
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09:12:47 PM
I have an account with Garmin, I bought a new computer and they didn't transfer my GolfLogix. My user name and password don't seem to work. Can you help, I would like to rearange some golf courses. Thanks, Donald
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04:22:17 PM
golflogix not responding Reply to mike hart's post dated 8/22/2008 7:46:12 PM
Hi, I noticed you're having the not responding issue on registration. I just got my golf logix garmin for xmas and i'm having the same problem. Did you ever get this resolved?
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