Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Use of GPS On Commercial Airlines   
Can we use GPS on commercial Airlines?

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04:37:16 AM

I found this list of airlines which approve and disaprove the use of GPS onboard check it out...

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05:02:22 AM

Nice to know abt it, but i dont see the need neither i think any1 will be intereted in using GPS on a plane.
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06:51:53 AM

I have used my GArmin to plot a straight line course to the arriving airport i also got the speed, direction and altitude.
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06:53:29 AM

hey thanks for the List was of great help...
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08:00:10 AM

Hi i too used the garmin it showed me the ETA to the arriving airport i cud also zoom at the places below over which we were travelling.
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12:40:45 AM

So basically u guys using the GPS just to pass ur time on the flight just like how u wud switch on ur gameboy, psp or laptop....
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12:48:03 AM

I think it would be fun to track the flight and not rely on the pilot to direct me. LOl..
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03:52:37 AM

i too used my device it showed me the ETA speed direction and altitude also i cud zoom and check the lakes and mountains over which we were travelling its real fun>>>>
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