Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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NEVER NEVER buy a Magellan   
I received Maestro 3100 for my Birthday,I was very pleased with it. But later i just visited theri site for the software updates, the updates took around 25 hours to download and I tried to put it on my unit and it failed, which was radiculous, i tried to contact the support but they could not help me, their customer support is really worst. I would suggest one to Never go for Magellan.

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07:12:41 AM

You wont have to go for the complicated software downloads now, i heard that this software will be made availble in th CDs. But i dont know when exactly they will be in the market. Hoping to come soon.
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01:40:24 AM

I have got a magellan 1200, and the device is really giving a problem, it locks up and the maps are really outdated. And there is no any online support for this product on the Magellan website... worst support ever....
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