Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Tele Atlas VS NavTeq maps   
According to you which mapping service is better? Do you think Tele Atlas maps better than Navteq?

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11:24:07 PM
Tele Atlas maps Most accurate
I found that Tele Atlas maps are much better and accurate in the areas I have traveled the most.
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11:29:45 PM

you made a great observation that one is better that the other in the areas you most often travel. But I cannot say that Tele Atlas is much better and accurate that Navteq because map accuracy depends on to each individual road you travel. Both these maps are most accurate in certain specific areas.
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11:32:49 PM

As for me, the town I live in is much better covered by Tele Atlas maps in terms location of the roads.
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11:36:02 PM

Hi friends, I have a Mio C230 and it has Tele Atlas maps. I have found that there are many map errors in my Mio C230.I am wondering if this is the problem with Navteq too. I have found that there are some areas of the USA that are better covered by Navteq, and other areas better covered by Tele Atlas. Cannot decide either of which is better.
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11:38:02 PM

I don’t find any one better than the other. I have about ten GPS devices using both of these maps. I can pick any one of them when I need navigation. Checking which one have Navtech versus Tele Atlas is never a factor in my decision because both these maps are damn accurate in the area I travel.
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01:40:55 PM

I have the Navman F20 (Tele Atlas) and my entire neighborhood (six streets) isn't located on it. But on Garmin (Navteq) the streets can be found. I'm sure each have their problems, but in my experience Navteq is a little better for the Southeast(US).
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01:41:55 PM

Of course I have reported this problem to Tele Atlas so I'm sure the streets will be added in the near future.
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03:11:18 AM
Pierre Cardin PC422
how can i update my map`s ? please !
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11:53:22 AM
Pierre Cardin PC422
Pierre Cardin PC422
how can i update my map`s ? please !
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09:03:13 AM
navteq better than tele atlas
in middle east i used both and navteq the best
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