Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Low Cost Gps Software for Palm OS   
i have a Palm TX and world like to use it as a portable Gps. I will be purchasing a Navigator soon i don't want to spend too much on the Palm OS... can some 1 help me out here.... thank you..

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02:47:36 AM

Why don't you try the TomTOM i am sure they will have something 4 your Palm OS...
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02:50:15 AM

Naa... Tom Tom seems to have some issues.... there must be something else out there..
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02:52:25 AM

Sorry mate coz of the primitive nature of the Palm OS there doesn't seem to be much GPS software available 4 it... Emtac and TomTom are the only ones available... TomTom6 is compatible with TX can try it out....
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02:53:38 AM

Another option is you could try eBay they have bundled packages of the TT6 for different Palms... you get a receiver, car cradle and software for reasonable rates....
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02:56:16 AM

thanks...... i think i should look at eBay if i find something of my interest then fine otherwise i have to try Tom tom......
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