Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Maestro 4050   
I have a Maestro 4050 and it freezes and needs resetting pretty often? Please let me know if this happens to your unit frequently.

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03:32:09 AM

I don't know about freezing but the one I tested seemed very sluggish moving from screen to screen, and so i exchanged it.
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04:01:27 AM

I had this unit for quiet along time and it was working pretty well, but suddenly it started giving problems, the screen was freezing when i entered addresses.
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04:04:51 AM

I think this devices are faulty, i have gone through most of the reviews it shows like most of them have the problem with this unit.
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04:07:49 AM

I am thinking of exchanging it with some good once, I think Garmin or TomTom have the good once, and their tech support is co-operative.
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04:09:28 AM

I think Garmin would be much better than TomTom. I would recommend Garmin..
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