Monday, August 10, 2020
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QuickTrak Pro GPS   
There's a latest QuickTrak Pro GPS available in the market today that is exceptionally unique from other GPS units. This can be use for surveillance vehicle tracking. It can store up to 90,000 locations. It means if your mobile phone is not functioning well, still you are NOT going to miss the location reports because it is in the unit memory.

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06:17:19 PM
Re: QuickTrak Pro GPS
What about the life of the battery? Can it be reliable for tracking? How long will this last?
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06:19:03 PM
Re: QuickTrak Pro GPS
The QuickTrak Pro unit when activated will save its battery life. The unit got button for SMS and phone call features that can store phone numbers. If you are using QuickTrak Pro as a surveillance car tracker, it can record time and obtain data logging informations. It means even if your have a weak cellphone signals or busy connections, QuickTrack Pro will store the location and map plots for you to quickly obtain them online until your cell phone coverage operates. With this you will never miss a location!
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06:20:23 PM
Re: QuickTrak Pro GPS
Well sounds useful to trackers? It can be used when you are travelling and do not know the exact locations.
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