Saturday, October 19, 2019
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360 with sony w580i phone?   
I have 360 and i want to use it with my Sony 580i phone. Anyone have used 360 with a Sony w580i. If so did it work? and where to get more info about it?

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07:30:22 AM

I dont know much about it but you can look here for what phones are compatable with the 360.
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07:33:29 AM

W580i is not listed that means it won't work. I should try someother than.
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07:34:48 AM

It doesn't mean it won't work, it simply means they haven't tested it and therefore won't provide support if it doesn't work.
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07:37:02 AM

I have sony W580i and works quiet well and Nuvi 360 is a great device. It fits in any pocket. A very great device.
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07:37:34 AM

thanks guys for your valuable replies. It has really helped me in doing research.
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