Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Why divert from it Osrs gold   
Don't doubt that. Take MTX, also EoC off, and that game is IMO the runescape can be. Why divert from it [url=https://www.rsgoldfast.com/]Osrs gold[/url] because you still require the nostalgia element? I want skills. I would like to find out what is on Menaphos, I want to Sail east.

I need one day to have reworked skills that don't function. I need new content that move RuneScape ahead, and I can not care less If I have my vote on it. I have faith in the team that they will deliver. Its pityful there has to be out there so much material because they knew from the start that was never polled that this community could never approve such thing, and I have to wonder where could we be together with that.

The problem is bosses that discard uniques that are only are less rewarding than supervisors like zulrah or even vorkath. Even Raids 1 is 3m gp/hr (presuming you see tbows on drop speed, else its 2m kekw) unless you are alting using tbows and 300+ kcers.

Tob is 6m/hr+ but only as it is extremely exclusive (and relatively new); learning it's somewhat as frustrating/time consuming as studying inferno with the principal difference being that inferno learning curve is a bit steeper. OSRS managers are like gwd, vorkath and zulrah are exceptions. I'd love to find these nostalgic hardcore reddit pvmers go 20 hours of bandos 3 man seeking to make money for [url=https://www.rsgoldfast.com/]Buy Runescape gold[/url] whatever fantasy gear upgrade and make 15m in splits and call it a fun game when they could have had 60m performing zulrah/vork and proceed to have the time of their lifetime enjoying their gps. My point is that: there ought to be profitable managers in RuneScape.

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