Friday, June 5, 2020
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Horrible unit   
I bought a Nuvi 200W thinking that the unit would work well, but i was wrong. The unit takes alot of time to load up and to locate. sometimes it just loses signal even in a good weather. I really had a tough time with this unit. Any suggestions......

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12:48:34 AM

I think you got a defective piece of the unit. The on I have is working fine without any problem and finds satellites quickly. Great Unit......
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12:51:58 AM

I don't know. may be
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12:57:31 AM

I think the time to load and locate the satellite varies from unit to unit. Because only few have this problem. I would suggest one to replace such unit if they are faulty or defective with some other....hope this helps
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01:02:29 AM

I agree with you nok, as all the units are not same, the problem may vary from one unit to another
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