Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Gps for hard hearing people   
I want to buy a GPS for a person a bit hard of hearing. Any experience which would be the best?

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01:58:59 AM

I would like to suggest one from Garmin because they have much better sound quality than others and they provide a good service.The voice timely get perverted
at higher volumes. Hope this helps.
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02:01:17 AM

The TomTom GO 920T will give you all the things that you are looking for, it has FM transmitter, it is very accurate in obtaining traffic data and the sound quality is just superbub, you can adjust the volume as loud as you want and listen to the instructions clearly. I would highly recommend it........
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02:04:25 AM

Thanks for all your replies i think i should try one from TomTom as i feel it will be nice and loud.
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