Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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What are the products that contain GPS? can you site some examples?

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04:08:10 AM
Re: Products
My bro knows somebody from the dept. of defense so i thought of asking your question. according to the source, gps are best in laptops, mobile phones, cars, etc.
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04:08:59 AM
Re: Products
How about in wristwatches and PDAs, I think its much cooler if you have a GPS device as a wristwatch. right?
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05:48:00 PM
Re: Products
GPS that are found in watches, are proofs of fast expanding market, Before, early GPS focused primarily on mapping and navigation purposes only, you can often see them at cars. Basically the main target of GPS are for outdoor enthusiasts like hikers. Today, GPS products go far beyond navigation, they can record data and track locations, proving that we cannot live without technology.
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