Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Is it really accurate?   
Is this GPS system really accurate and reliable for its use and purpose?

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06:09:43 PM
Re: Is it really accurate?
Yes, GPS can serve as correctors to satellite broadcasting. For example Garmin 12 channel receivers can quickly lock on to satellites to give accurate reports such as errors or signals.
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06:10:53 PM
Re: Is it really accurate?
There are also reports that receivers are more accurate within averagely 15 meters away. Is that right?
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06:12:00 PM
Re: Is it really accurate?
Yes, the GPS device user's can determine, calculate other informations, such as speed, tracks, distances to destination, sunrise and sunset times and many more with accuracy.
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06:12:54 PM
Re: Is it really accurate?
This is really advance world that we are living. Wow! I wish I could have one of this gadget for my trekking adventure this summer.
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