Sunday, April 5, 2020
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CSV or GPX, Which is really and needed?   
CSV or GPX, Which is really important and needed? I am thinking of updating my files for POI (Points of Interest) I don't know which one is the best feature.

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06:44:54 PM
Re: CSV or GPX, Which is really and needed?
They can be used interchangeably as both files are used for GPS to create actual files for custom POI.
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06:45:37 PM
Re: CSV or GPX, Which is really and needed?
Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of both? Can you site few so I would be familiar if problem arises.
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06:46:22 PM
Re: CSV or GPX, Which is really and needed?
The advantage of CSV file is simplier than GPX while GPX has additional informations and functions. Like for example, you can enter phone numbers which can be dialed from GPS if you select POI.
You can try getting more informations from this related link:

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