Sunday, January 19, 2020
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Navman problems   
Hi! My GPS Navman F20 cannot detect internal memory. Is this a hardware problem or what?

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07:04:11 PM
Re: Navman problems
I am not sure but have you tried the Reset button? You can see it under the bottom of the device near the gold connectors. Check it out.
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07:04:44 PM
Re: Navman problems
I have one Navman F40 from Europe and it has gone down 4 times already since I had it last July this year. It says it cannot find internal memory. On three occassions it responded to Reset button but lately no more. I have it repaired then.
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07:05:37 PM
Re: Navman problems
My F20 got the same internal memory message. I phone 0844 UK number and phone was answered by human in just 3 rings. I was told to package and post to Gatwick address, which I did. The next day I received an acknowledgment receipt. The next day I received an email dispatching a replacement unit. Wow! That's fantastic service!
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07:29:48 AM
navman problem
hi when i turn my navman s80 on i carnt get in to it it stays on the frunt page and dont go no further
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09:13:30 AM
navman f20 problems
i was travelling to a destination then the screen went blank i reset it and i cant enter a postcode i select c then goes green then f then goes red not allowing me to go any further any ideas
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ibnul hasan
03:48:16 PM
new gps system
3.5 Inch GPS Navigation System With Video

Specifications: Specifications: Technical specification System - CPU: Arm920t - operation system: Wince 4.2 - SDRAM (default):64mb - ROM (default):64mb - SD card:256mb GPS - based on ublox un9111 GPS chipset or base on ecompass e510 - built-in patch GPS antenna and optional external GPS active antenna - hot/warm/cold start time:8/35/60seconds - l1, c/a code, nmea-0183 - location accuracy:10 meters - search by name, category, address, poi, intersection, longitude/latitude - routing options: Recommended, most use of freeways, avoid toll roads, shortest distance/time, automatic re-routing - voice turn-by-turn guidance
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02:40:00 AM
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08:33:59 AM
my navman just comes up wth frontpage then comes up with picture just connect navman to conputer and thats it can someone help
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03:28:25 PM
can't turn my f20 on
Hi went to use my navman F20 only to find it wouldn't switch on I charged it for about 12 hours but still didn't work??
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