Monday, September 28, 2020
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Tomtom MK2   
I have Mk2 ToTom GPS receiver and since last week it has stopped working, it is not receiving signal, the lights stay solid and never starts to flash. The unit freezes, i tried to contact support but no reply. Anyone with the same problem.

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12:38:06 AM

Just exchange it with some other device, and buy one from Garmin or Magellan i think these would be much better than TomTom and has great support system. I use Garmin and i just love it!
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12:41:58 AM

I had the same problem with my TT device, it has to crash and i have to restart it. The support is really unintelligent. Then i soon exchanged it and bought one from Magellan, and the device is working fine.
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