Thursday, September 24, 2020
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POI uploads for motorists   
Do you know of any available GPS unit that allows POI uploads to warn motorists of upcoming red light signs or speed sensing cameras? These things really delay my trips. Anyone got bright ideas and experiences on this?

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03:39:08 PM
Re: POI uploads for motorists
Yes, my Tomtom's do. I think others will do as well. (Garmin, etc.)
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03:40:28 PM
Re: POI uploads for motorists
My Garmin's did too. But take note that not all speed camera files are done equally. Depends on its features. Phantom's Alerts in POI files for red light and speed cameras are better on these.
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03:41:23 PM
Re: POI uploads for motorists
Not at all. Some US files are not complete as far as my experience.
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03:42:38 PM
Re: POI uploads for motorists
Hey guys! Try this one out.

Download and install POIloader from Garmin website.

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