Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Intelligent GSH cell phone jammer system for jails   
Stop mobile signals in the prison forever!

Using metal power supply.
Has a main central communication controller control many jammers at the same time.
Special for military and jails. Intelligent jammer system.
1.Frequency jamming band: GSM, CDMA, DCS, 3G, satellite phone etc.
2.Working frequency: 851M-894M, 935M-960M, 1805M-1880M, 1525M-1559M, 2110M-2170M
3.The jammer has 5 transmitter systems, each transmitter output 5watts (output is adjustable)
4.No need of wiring, after pluged in, can use a computer to get the jammer's working status. If some jammers are broken, the computer will sound an alarm. You can settle the matter effectively and immediately when someone break the jammers on purpose
5.Application: government facilities, sensitive locations, military bases, jails etc.
6.Covering range reaches to 0-70 meters radius depending on the signal strength
7.Weight: 7KG
8.Dimension: 420MM*340MM*120MM
9.Power adapter: 5.4V12AAC110V-240V 50/60Hz
We take use of our customized power supply, which can live 3 times than the power supply of our competitors.
Our jammers can live 2 times than the jammers of our competitors.

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04:12:57 PM
Phone Jammer that blocks GPS!
I could care less what anyone thinks. Anyone close to me being an idiot on their phones will have their calls be terminated. I don't leave it on, just use it when needed. It looks like a real phone, and works great! It also blocks some GPS and looks like a phone, not a jammer. http://www.n0trace.net/tpro.htm
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